For Data Users, see PDS API Client User Guide and Documentation here.

About PDS Registry

PDS Registry provides functionality for tracking, searching, auditing, locating, and maintaining artifacts within the system. These artifacts can range from data files and label files, schemas, dictionary definitions for objects and elements, services, etc. The core functionality for this component is satisfied by Elasticsearch.

For Build 9b (June 2019), the Registry and Search components of the PDS4 system received a major upgrade and significant re-design to greater leverage the power of Elasticsearch. We are continuing to improve our documentation, but please do not hesitate to send questions, comments, change requests and bug reports to the PDS Operator at and we would be happy to help work through any issues you are having.

PDS Registry and Related Software

The high level architecture of PDS Registry and its main components is shown below.

  • Java is required to run many Registry components and tools such as Harvest, Registry Manager, API Server and Elasticsearch.
  • Elasticsearch is used to store and search product metadata extracted from PDS4 labels.
  • Harvest is a tool to crawl and extract metadata from PDS4 labels. Extracted metadata is stored in an "intermediate" JSON or XML data files. JSON data files can be loaded into Elasticsearch by Registry Manager.
  • Registry Manager command-line tool is designed to create Registry indices in Elasticsearch and to load, delete and export registry data.
  • API Server provides read-only REST APIs to search and access PDS data. The APIs are standardized between different PDS nodes.


Found a bug? Or want a new feature? We would love your feedback and contributions. Here are some links to our public Github repository for source code and submitting issues:

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