Software Working Group

The PDS Software Working Group is a subcommittee of the PDS Management Council (MC). Its purpose is to identify and coordinate tool development needs and priorities across the PDS.

The Software WG identifies, prioritizes, and recommends the development of tools to the Management Council. This includes tools developed across PDS nodes. It also monitors tool development by IPDA members.

The scope of the work required can be grouped into two categories: * PDS Integrated Task Planning is an effort to develop and maintain a plan of all current and future software development tasks across all the PDS nodes. * Software Change Control Board is a semi-formal approach for EN to appropriately re-prioritize and scope new tasks into current and future build cycles based upon Discipline Node input.

Release Plan Review Process

Prior to the start of each build, the PDS Engineering Node formulate a Release Plan for review by the PDS SWG. PDS SWG members (@NASA-PDS/pds-swg) are responsible for reviewing the release plan providing comments regarding re-priorization of tasks, missing issues, etc.

The release plan approval process follows the `Apache Software Foundation Voting Process <`_, including `expressing votes with +1, 0, -1, and fractions <`_ and `Lazy Consensus <`_:

Lazy consensus is simply an announcement of 'silence gives assent.'

Here is an example release plan and review from Build 11.1.

Feel free to watch the repository to be notified when a new review is ready, and feel free to comment.