Issue Tracking


The Planetary Data System has several issue tracking and project management mechanisms that serve different purposes:



Applicable Nodes / Projects




PDS4 Standards Change Control Board

This JIRA is used specifically for tracking PDS4 Information Model Software Change Requests (SCRs) and their approval through the Change Control Board. Once and SCR is approved, the implementation will be tracked in the PDS4 Information Model repo

Access is restricted to PDS personnel, or upon request Issues

All open sourced PDS projects

Issues are created in their appropriate NASA-PDS and NASA-PDS repositories

Public access

Zenhub PDSEN Workspace

All open sources PDS projects managed by PDS Engineering Node

Zenhub is utilized for sprint planning, management, and reporting by integrating all PDS projects into one visual workspace

Access available upon request

JPL Github Enterprise

PDS Engineering Internal Projects

Github Issues / Zenhub Internal EN software and operations projects and issue tracking (Development, Operations)

Access restricted to JPL personnel only

Getting Started with Zenhub

Go to the applicable board to view / create / update new tickets:

Alternatively, you can install the Zenhub Chrome/Firefox extension to view Zenhub within Github:

Issue Creation Best Practices

The PDS has uses the article “Naming Guide For Task, Bug, and User Story Titles” for issue best practices.

Here are some high-priority best practices we really want to try to follow:

  • In general, for tasks, bugs, and new features, at minimum, start the title with a verb (e.g. Ingest some data from somewhere or Update this page with some change)

  • Title should be able to tell someone what was fixed or completed

    • We plan on using these issue titles for generating changelogs and report automatically

  • Use autolinked references wherever possible for traceability

    • Using references is a HUGE benefit in streamlining productivity, project management, provenance, and requirements/test traceability.

Help with Zenhub

We use Zenhub to visualize all our tickets across repositories.